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Manufacturing Process

Wipro Infrastructure Engineering takes an approach of continuous improvement, constantly benchmarking its processes against global standards in hydraulic cylinders manufacturing and scaling up production to meet growing global demands. We do this by embracing technology and capacity advancements to improve productivity. Continuous modernization of plant and machinery, introduction of new technology and processes and improvement of work methods and systems at our plants are undertaken as a regular practice.

Lean and flexible manufacturing systems are deployed with robotic welding, automated washing stations, mechanized assembly and testing in a controlled environment.

Wipro’s manufacturing process uses best in class machinery for skiving, roller burnishing, friction welding, induction hardening, piston shrink fitting, mechanized assembly, washing stations and automated testing. The high productivity of these machines ensure that customer needs are seamlessly met even during market surges.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Tube Welding: Tube welding is carried out by fully automated robotic welding machines. The quality of welding ensures improved joint life and strength to endure demanding operating conditions.

Induction Hardening: Hardened work surfaces meet harsh environment requirements. Process controls help achieve minimum distortion and relieve internal stress, to ensure the long life of piston rods.

Grinding and Super Finishing: Excellent dimensional accuracies are achieved with advanced high through-put centre-less belt grinding technology with online quality monitoring. Surface finish enhances the corrosion resistance performance of piston rods.

Friction Welding: Friction welding of rods ensures weld accuracy, strength and offers failure proof joint.

Component Washing: The washing process is critical to cylinder life. PLC based fully automated ultrasonic and combo washing technologies offer 25mg / sq.m level or better for part cleanliness.

Cylinder Assembly: Wipro has multiple assembly lines to cater to different assembly requirements- semi automatic and fully automatic lines in well-established clean rooms. Precise torque controls ensure assembly integrity.

Cylinder Testing: All hydraulic cylinders are tested prior to dispatch. Hydraulic cylinders are subjected to high pressure static and cyclic tests to ensure trouble free performance in the field. NAS 7 level cleanliness is maintained in the testing line. Traceability and performance tracking are in-built in the line.

Skiving and Roller Burnishing: Skiving and roller burnishing machines are used to achieve surface finish and accuracy of tube inner diameter for the efficient performance of seals.

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